About The Canton Club



The grand opening of the Canton Club took place in the autumn of 2010 with the goal of becoming Guangzhou's premier private business, athletic and family club. Offering an elegant and welcoming ambience in which to mix and meet, to exchange ideas, spend time with your family and to entertain guests. The Club is committed to the highest levels of comfort and cuisine, exceptional events and an unmatched level of personal service. The Club is owned by New World China Land and its business partner, D&C Management Ltd. CCA International, The Club is owned by New World China Land Limited.

The Canton Club occupies an area of around 8,000 square meters, spread over seven levels of freestanding Clubhouse space. With its modern exterior and a classic touch in interior design, the Clubs decoration reflects the traditional "Lingnan" culture whilst at the same time provides a modern impression combining complexity and minimalism.


For many centuries, Canton served as a point of contact between China and the outside world, making it a breeding ground for multi-cultural interaction and new ideas. Our goal is to foster this tradition and create an International Club with the right balance of qualities to be a valued institution in the community.

A friendly private club with excellent management and services, good value for money and great fun. We aim to achieve an easy charm and ambience, providing Members and their guests a venue to meet and interact, exercise as well as to relax in peace, according to their mood. The Canton Club respects the grand traditions of club development including the formation of a prestigious board and committees that guide the formation of the

Club, membership by invitation and outstanding events. The Club will become an institution for the betterment of Guangzhou and the communities we serve, participating and supporting worthy causes, hosting quality events and enhancing idea exchange, international links and business relationships.